Expungement of Criminal Records

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This section has information about Expungement of Criminal Records in Oklahoma.
  • Criminal History Records Check

    Many employers and housing managers screen applicants by conducting a Criminal History Records Check. Find out how to obtain a criminal history records check. You may be able to correct OSBI records or be eligible for an expungement of the records. Content Detail

  • Expunging A Criminal Records: A second chance at a clean record

    What is an expungement? Which type of expungement do I need? What is the effect of an expungement? Can I expunge the record of a Victim Protective Order? How do I get a pardon from the governor? Read More

  • Updating Criminal Records

    In some cases you can provide certified documents of the court proceedings to update your criminal records with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investication (OSBI ). Read More

  • Do you have a criminal record?

    Knowing what your criminal history report shows may help you address those concerns with potential employers or landlords. Check your OK Criminal History Record by completing this form and sending $15 to the OSBI. Content Detail

  • Expungement Q & A

    OSBI's list of common questions and answers about expunging criminal records. Read More