Guardianship of A Minor - Prepare Court Forms

Authored by Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma

How do I fill out court forms for Guardianship of A Minor?

This program is not for all situations.
You may be able to use this program to fill out and print court forms if:

  • You are an adult (over 18 years of age) and want to be appointed guardian of a child or children;
  • You have lived in Oklahoma for at least one year OR, you are seeking guardianship of a blood relative;
  • You are a blood relative (the grandparent, aunt or uncle or some other relative by blood to the child or children); and,
  • The child (or children) has no income or property; and,
  • Your appointment will most likely NOT be contested by the child's parent.


  • If you are requesting a co-guardian, he or she must either be:
    • related to the child by blood,  or
    • related to you by marriage.

Native American child?

Do you have all the information you will need?

Does your computer have the right software?

  • You do not need any expensive software, it's all free.

If possible, print documents from a computer using Microsoft Word or WordViewer. Wordperfect or WordPad will also work, but Word is best. READ the document, save it to your computer or a removable driver.
You will need to check the formatting for each of the court forms.

If you use a public computer to print the documents, you may have to pay to print the materials.


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