I am being evicted! What can i do?

Information about CDC Moratorium

Information about CDC Moratorium
If you are behind on rent due to COVID, the CDC has ordered an eviction moratorium through March 31, 2021 that may apply to your situation.
The form to give your landlord is linked to this information.

Please carefully read the Declaration you are signing to be sure you qualify.
You must use your best efforts to obtain all available government assistance for rent or housing.  If you have questions, please talk with a lawyer.

You can still be evicted for lease violations or criminal activity!


If you are being evicted, there are things you can do! First, go to court! Second, do not miss your court date - GO TO COURT! Tell your story to the judge.

Image Eviction Process

 If your case is in Tulsa County, Legal Aid has free lawyers to help low income people facing eviction. Bring information (evidence) about your case to show the judge.

  • All notices you got about the eviction
  • The summons that told you the court date
  • A copy of the lease or rental agreement
  • Print any communication from the landlord (texts, emails)
  • Print pictures of living conditions
  • Your record of payments or proof you paid the rent
  • Receipts for rent or repairs
  • Witnesses you want to judge to hear about:
    • Paying your rent
    • Poor living conditions
    • Repairs you made
  • Anything else you want the judge to hear

Be on time for court!

  • Get there early! You need extra time to park and go through security
  • Get a babysitter or friend to keep your children
  • Print text messages or emails to give to the judge

For more Landlord & Tenant Problem Resources  https://oklaw.org/issues/housing/landlord-and-tenant-problems

Image Landlord and Tenant link https://oklaw.org/issues/housing/landlord-and-tenant-problems

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