Child Support Services Request for Address of Record

Authored By: Child Support Services


Who may use this form?
CSS Locate Only Rights and Responsibilities may be used by a:

  • custodial person (CP),
  • noncustodial parent (NCP),
  • the attorney for either, or
  • an authorized person to request disclosure of the custodial person's or the noncustodial parent's address of record.

Authority to Release Information
Under 43 O.S. § 112A, the last known address of record will be released to the person  requesting address disclosure. Home addresses are not disclosed if prohibited by a court order granted for the protection of a parent or custodian, or if the Oklahoma Child Support Services (OCSS) case has been assigned a family violence indicator.

Notice: The person whose address of record you are requesting may be notified of your request
A copy of page one of this request may be sent with the notice. OCSS allows a 15-day time period for a response.
Within 45 days after OCSS receives your request, OCSS will notify you if your request can be processed.

Where do I send this form?

  • Make a copy of the form to keep for yourself
  • Return the original completed form to:
    • OCSS, Central Case Registry Attn: Address Disclosures P. O. Box 248843 Oklahoma City, OK 73124-8843


  • Tulsa area   918-295-3500
  • Oklahoma City area   405-522-2273
  • Statewide Toll free  1-800-522-2922.
  • TTY dial 711
Last Review and Update: Jul 27, 2021
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