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Parenting Time Calculator

The Parenting Time Calculator is a tool for families and child support professionals to find out the average time a child is spending with each parent and to help create a parenting plan. If there is a provision for parenting time included in your child support order the result may be applied to how much money each parent should contribute for the care of their child using the Child Support Guidelines Calculator.

I am being evicted! What can i do?

What should you do? Go to court!

Garnishment Forms

Use these forms to collect a judgement in Oklahoma.

General Appearance and Waiver of Summons

This form is used in what's commonly called an uncontested or waiver or default divorce action. Generally used for one spouse to respond to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage by entering an appearance, signing the Agreed Decree of Divorce and waiving all further notices from the court. CAREFULLY read and only sign this form on page 2 if you agree with all of the statements you are making and have signed the Agreed Decree of Divorce. CAREFULLY read and only sign page 4 IF you want to Waive the terms of the Automatic Temporary Injunction. You do NOT have to sign this form and give up any of your rights. PLEASE speak with a lawyer about the effect of signing both of these waivers of your rights.

Local Court Rules - Washington County

Local Court Rules - Washington County

Local Court Rules - Osage County

Local Court Rules - Osage County

Local Court Rules - Major County

Local Court Rules - Major County

Local Court Rules - Comanche County

Local Court Rules - Comanche County

What is LiveHelp?

Learn about OKLaw's LiveHelp, online chat to help you find legal information, referrals to legal aid and low or no-cost legal help or self-help materials.

Pauper's Affidavit

If you cannot afford court costs you can ask the judge to waive them. This is an application to the court called a "Paupers Affidavit."

Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court is for cases involving amounts up to $10,000. You do not have to have an attorney and it can be less expensive and less complicated than District Court.

Motion to Modify Child Support (Administrative Court) (PDF)

Do you have a child support order from an Oklahoma District Court or the OK DHS Administrative Court? If your finances have changed, you can ask the court to modify the monthly child support payments. This is a PDF document you can print and fill out the forms by hand.

Adult Name Change Forms

Adult Name Change forms and instructions from Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc.

Example of Motion for Stay of Proceedings

Provides an example form of a Motion for Stay of Proceedings for an active duty member pursuant to SCRA

Local Court Rules - Atoka & Coal Counties

Local Court Rules for Atoka & Coal County District Courts

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