Debt Collection, Garnishment, Repossession

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This section has information about Debt Collection, Garnishment and Repossession in Oklahoma.

  • Dealing with Debt Collectors (video)

    If you are behind in paying your bills, you can expect to hear from a debt collector. Read More

    Federal Trade Commission
  • Debt Collection Defenses - Social Security benefits

    When you are sued for collection of a debt, do not ignore the court papers! Talk to a lawyer, you may have a defense! Read More

    Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc.
  • Hospital Medical Debt - Financial Assistance Policies at Non-Profit Hospitals

    If you have medical debt from a hospital emergency room visit or stay, the hospital may have a Financial Assistance Program that can help you. The IRS now requires all "non-profit" hospitals to comply with a new regulation requiring a Financial Assistance Program. Read More

    Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc.
  • Military Status Verification

    The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act affords certain protections to people in active military duty, called up for military duty, or recently retired. The SCRA requires that a military status verification be conducted in certain situations to ensure that these protected individuals’ rights are being protected and allows the men and women serving their country in military service to do so without worries of default judgments, evictions, foreclosures, and some other actions. Read More


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