Unfair Sales Practices and Consumer Fraud

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This section has information about Unfair Sales Practices and Consumer Fraud in Oklahoma.

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act

    The Fair Credit Reporting Act was passed to give guidance to credit reporting agencies about the way they handle your credit information. Read this to learn more on your rights. Content Detail

    Texas Legal Services Center
  • Little Black Book of Scams

    Legal Aid's Senior Law Program compiled a list of typical scams, how they work, who these criminals prey on and what to do! Content Detail

    Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc.
  • OK Statutes on Identity Theft

    Identity theft takes place when someone uses your personal information, Without your permission to commit fraud or other illegal activities. Oklahoma has criminal laws that punish those that commit identity theft and civil laws that provide damages and other remedies to victims of identity theft. This document gives a list of the Oklahoma statutes that relate to identity theft. Content Detail

    Oklahoma Disability Law Center
  • Seniors Citizens Handbook

    This Handbook is a project of the Oklahoma Bar Association Young Lawyers Division (OBA/YLD). Its purpose is to be an easy-to-read guide for senior citizens to use in their daily activities. This Handbook is intended to be only an introduction to issues of concern to seniors. Content Detail

    Oklahoma Bar Association
  • 9 Ways Con Artists Target Veterans

    As a veteran, you have protected our country with your service. Watch out for scams that target veterans and your guaranteed benefits. Vigilance is your number one weapon. Content Detail


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