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Senior Housing

Know the Law

  • Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form

    Landlords, Sellers or Agents and contractors are required to give you a warning statement on housing built before 1978. This is the form. Content Detail

  • Medicaid for Nursing Home Residents

    Questions and Answers on Medicaid for Nursing Home Residents. Rules change frequently so please check with your DHS office or a lawyer familiar with Medicaid for more specific information. Content Detail

    Columbia Legal Services
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  • Protect Your Family From Lead

    For homes built before 1978, lead paint can be hazardous to young children or pregnant women. Learn about the hazards in this material. Landlords and contractors are required to make certain disclosures about the paint. Content Detail

  • Seniors Citizens Handbook

    This Handbook is a project of the Oklahoma Bar Association Young Lawyers Division (OBA/YLD). Its purpose is to be an easy-to-read guide for senior citizens to use in their daily activities. This Handbook is intended to be only an introduction to issues of concern to seniors. Content Detail

    Oklahoma Bar Association

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