Tax Issues for Elders

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  • Five Important Tax Credits

    Check it out! You might be eligible for a tax credit. A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction of taxes owed. Some credits are even refundable. That means you might receive a refund rather than owe any taxes. Read More

    Internal Revenue Service
  • OK Sales Tax Claim for Credit or Refund

    You may be able to claim a tax credit or get a refund for Oklahoma Sales Taxes you paid. Read More

    Oklahoma Tax Commission
  • OK State Property Tax Credit or Refund

    Many low income Oklahomans will be eligible to recieve a Property Tax Refund or Credit. If you receive are 65 years of age or oder, or are totally disabled and a head of household AND are a resident of Oklahoma all year, you may be eligible to receive a Property Tax Credit for Oklahoma. You must also not have gross income of more than $12,000. You must file a form 538-H with the Tax Commission. Link to the form and instructions and read the qualifications. Read More

    Oklahoma Tax Commission
  • Tulsa County Sales Tax Rebate (Vision 2025)

    Through 2017, the Vision 2025 sales tax will be collected and contains an annual tax rebate to residents (must have been residents for the full calendar year) of Tulsa County aged 65 or older. One rebate per household of $18.00. You can file online or print a form to mail. Read More

    Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc.

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