$1,200 Incentive for New Employees

Authored By: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission


Incentive for New Employees

If you hire new employees between May 9 and Sept. 4, they may be eligible for a $1,200 incentive from the state of Oklahoma as part of the Governor's Back to Work Initiative. This incentive can be a useful tool for your immediate recruiting efforts.
In order for individuals to be eligible, they must have filed unemployment one of the first two weeks in May (May 2-15) and returned to work for at least 6 consecutive weeks.

Individuals can apply for the Back to Work Initiative payment by visiting OESC’s website at and clicking the “Apply for Back to Work Initiative” button.

Who is eligible?

Individuals must meet the below criteria to be eligible for the Back to Work incentive:

  • Had an active unemployment claim, with an eligible weekly certification filed for at least one of the first two weeks in May (May 2-15, 2021).
  • Accept an offer of employment in the state of Oklahoma and work for at least 6 consecutive weeks between May 9, 2021 and Sept. 4, 2021.
    • Employers worked for must pay into the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund or have a FEIN.
  • Able to provide valid paystubs to prove 6 weeks’ worth of employment.

Have questions?
Additional information about the Back to Work Initiative, as well as tips on completing the application and uploading paystubs, can be found on the OESCFrequently Asked Questions page.

Last Review and Update: Jul 27, 2021

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