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Authored By: Oklahoma Attorney General


If you have a consumer complaint - Here are the forms!

Download - the complaint form, fill it out and mail it in.

You should know this about filing Complaints

     First, contact the business and try to reach a solution on your own. Most problems can be resolved by talking to the salesperson, manager or the company's customer service representative. If you are not satisfied, contact the owner or the company's headquarters. If the business will not resolve the problem directly you may also want to consider other possible remedies such as Small Claims Court or a consultation with a private attorney. Although the Attorney General cannot offer legal advice or representation to citizens, the Public Protection Unit provides conciliation services to help resolve complaints against businesses. The Unit can also provide publications to help you make good decisions in the marketplace. When large numbers of Oklahoma consumers are harmed through unfair and deceptive practices, the Unit may investigate and bring enforcement actions.

To receive help from the Attorney General's office, you must fill out and return a complaint form. 

When filing a complaint with the office, remember the following:

Please Refrain From Calling For a "Status Report". You will be notified as your complaint progresses through the complaint process.

You May Be Referred To Another Agency. Often another local, state, or federal agency will have the legal authority or more expertise than our office to handle a particular consumer problem.

The Attorney General Cannot Act as Your Private Attorney. State law prohibits our office from giving individual citizens legal advice, opinions or acting as their private attorney. If you feel you need legal advice, you will have to turn to a legal aid society, private attorney, or other organization.

The Attorney General Can Only File Suit To Protect The Public Interest. We cannot file a lawsuit whose only purpose is to recover money or property for you. We can file suits against companies that violate the laws protecting consumers. These lawsuits are filed to protect the public, not private interests.

Last Review and Update: Aug 10, 2022
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