FAQ - Making Your Own Will

Authored By: Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc. LSC Funded


What is the difference between a holographic will and any other will?

A holographic can be written by anyone without a lawyer. Any other will must include certain language, be signed and witnessed and to be valid.

What happens if I write my own will and it does not meet all the rules of a holographic will?

During the probate process, a will that does not meet all of the rules of holographic rule, may not be followed. If you do not follow the rules when writing your will, your property may not go to the people you want to have your property.

Can part of a holographic will be typed and the names of people to receive property be handwritten?

No part of the document at all may be printed or typewritten. Every word must be in YOUR handwriting.

Last Review and Update: Dec 13, 2014

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