Stop or Lower a Garnishment

Stop or Lower a Garnishment
Garnishment Claim (or Motion) for Exemption & Request for Hearing

If money is being taken out of your paycheck or bank account, you may be able to ask the court to stop or lower the amount of the garnishment.

Lawyers call this a "Request or Claim for Exemption" from garnishment.  An "exemption" means you will not have to pay the money to the creditor. You may qualify for an exemption if the garnishment:

  • is asking for more money than is allowed by law,
  • is taking money from "protected income" (some kinds of income are not allowed to be garnished by law), or
  • leaves you without enough money to support your household (or you already have a garnishment that is not for child support or taxes.)

To find out if you qualify for an exemption, you must:

  • fill out a few court forms,
  • go to a court hearing, and
  • give proof of your situation to a judge.

We will help you:

  • Find out if you qualify to stop or lower a garnishment,
  • Fill out your forms, and
  • Learn about how to get ready for court.

This program will help you fill out your court forms. 

This is a free and secure service provided by Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma and LawHelpInteractive.

LawHelpInteractive helps you create legal forms and documents.

Answer a series of questions and print your legal form.

If you do not want to use this program, there are other ways to fill out your forms:

To get the court forms you need:

  • Visit the Oklahoma State Courts Network website at:, or
  • Go to the Court Clerk's Office at your county courthouse.


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