Guardians' Yearly Reports to the Court

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If a court made you a guardian, you have to file reports to tell the court and other people involved in your case about:

  • How your ward is doing
  • Any changes in the ward’s life or financial situation, and
  • What you are doing for the ward.

The kinds of reports you have to file depend on if:

  • Your ward is a child or an adult, and
  • You are the guardian of the ward’s person or his/her property.

Most guardians have to file their reports once a year until the guardianship ends. Look at your court order to know how often you must file.

We will help you! We can:

  • Fill out and print (or email you) the forms and reports you need, including a final report if your Guardianship has ended.
  • Tell you what to do with your forms, and
  • Give you information about how to get ready for a court hearing (if you have one).

We created this program with help from the court and community partners to help guardians file annual or court-ordered reports with the court.

This program can only help if you are filing your report in the same county in Oklahoma that made you guardian for this ward. If you moved or are moving to a different county, you cannot use this program. Please see a lawyer.

This program is for guardians who are:

  • Managing the property of a ward with low-income, or
  • Low-income guardians of the person and cannot afford to hire a lawyer

If this is not your situation, you cannot use this program.
Charging to use it is against the law.

Important! This program is not a lawyer, and we cannot give you legal advice.
To get legal advice, you can:

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Last Review and Update: Jun 20, 2014

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