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Guardianship of a Minor - Prepare Court Forms

Let's start

Let's start

The next page will take you to the website to prepare and print the court forms and instructions.
We will ask you questions.
You must type in the answers to the questions.

You can sign up to save your answers when you:

  • go to the program on the next page, or, 
  • at the end after you have answered the questions.

Why should you sign up? 

  • your answers are private and will not be shared with anyone
  • you may have to go back and change an answer.  This will change your forms.

You will print forms and instructions.  The forms will open best in Word.  You may need to change some of the formatting.

Be sure to save them so that you can change or edit if you need to.


Check with the nearest Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma office here
If you set up a user account, and save the answers to the interview questions, someone may be able to help you by printing your documents. 
You must log in to the program and save your answers at the end to be able to access them for printing later.


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