Legal Aid Scam


Legal Aid has learned that there are scam artists posing as Legal Aid and targeting Oklahomans.

Theives are after your personal, confidential information so they can take your identity, steal your money and credit. 

They will call or send a letter that looks like an official voucher.
They may have just enough information about you to sound legitimate... but they are not.


  • Legal Aid never intiates phone calls.  We do return phone calls to applicants.
  • Legal Aid never charges a fee for assistance.
  • Legal Aid helps low income and elderly Oklahomans with civil (not criminal) legal problems.
  • If you think you have been scammed, please call Legal Aid at 1-888-534-5243.
  • Please get a free credit report.  Information about how to do this is on our free legal information website:
    How Do i Fix My Credit Report?
  • Learn more about protecting your privacy on our website, video and information
Last Review and Update: Jan 30, 2020
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