Legal Needs Check-Up Tool - Interactive Interview

Authored By: Stateside Legal


Servicemembers and veterans have told us that they like checkists.  We hope that it will be a useful tool.

The link below takes you to the national "LawHelp Interactive" (LHI) website.  Check the boxes that apply to you. 

At the end you can print out a Word document that will provide some basic information about your legal issues and where to find more information and help.  For example, you can learn about child support, landlord/tenant issues, consumer protections, right to counsel in criminal cases, public benefits, VA benefits, and more.

Please let us know if you have any trouble with using it.  Also, you can let us know at the end of the interview if you have other legal issues that you would like us to address.

Go here to start your Legal Needs Check-up.

Last Review and Update: Aug 09, 2017
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