Pardon Application and Information

Authored By: Oklahoma Pardon & Parole Board

Download the Application for Pardon (Revised 2012)

General Information About Pardons


In order to be eligible for consideration you must meet the following conditions:

  • You have been convicted of a violation of Oklahoma law, either a felony, misdemeanor, or Municipal Court misdemeanor conviction involving alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • You have no pending charges.
  • You are not currently in jail or prison.
  • You must have discharged all sentences, including supervision, or successfully completed five (5) consecutive years of supervision immediately prior to application, unless convicted of Murder First Degree.
  • You cannot have been considered for a Pardon within the past year.

Oklahoma Convictions only
The Governor of the State of Oklahoma may pardon only Oklahoma convictions. The Governor cannot
pardon a federal criminal offense or an offense from another state. If you are seeking a pardon for a
conviction in another state you should contact that state.
If you are seeking a pardon for a federal conviction, you should contact the Office of the Pardon Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice, 1425 New
York Ave., N.W. Suite 1100, Washington, D.C. 20530 (202) 616-6070.

Application Form
An Application for Pardon Consideration is attached, along with an information sheet. It is important
that all items on the Application be answered and returned to the address listed below.

The information you provide will help you to present yourself as a responsible and productive citizen. The
Pardon and Parole Board will review this information in making a decision on your application. The
process takes at least six months to complete.

If you live in the State of Oklahoma, a Probation and Parole Officer of the Department of Corrections
will conduct the Pre-Pardon Investigation. You should be completely open and honest with the investigating Officer. Any intentional misstatements of material facts contained in this application may cause adverse action on your application for pardon. Information you might consider negative will not necessarily hurt your application. It may serve to show how you were above to overcome a problem and actually improve your chances of receiving a Pardon.

If you live in another state, the General Counsel for the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board will conduct the Pre-Pardon Investigation and verify the information you have submitted. A local criminal record check will also be obtained.

After the investigation is completed and returned to our office, your Application will be submitted to the Pardon and Parole Board for their consideration on the next available docket (the Board meets once each month).

Recommendation to the Board
If you receive a favorable recommendation from a majority of the Board Members, that recommendation will be forwarded to the Governor’s office for a final decision. You will be notified in writing of the Board’s recommendation and the Governor’s decision.

Please note the process takes at least six months to complete; however, in some instances it can take longer.

Please contact this office by mail or telephone if you have any questions.
Send the completed Application package to:
General Counsel
Attn: Pardons
First National Center
120 N. Robinson Ave., Ste. 900W
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-7436
Telephone (405) 602-5863


In order for a Pardon to be effective, it must include all Oklahoma District Court felony and misdemeanor  convictions, and Municipal Court traffic convictions, which involved drugs or alcohol.
If you have cases, which have been pardoned before, these do not need to be included in your application.

Under Oklahoma law, a Pardon will not clear the conviction from your record. A Pardon restores your civil rights. It does not prevent your criminal record from being considered when decisions are made concerning  employment or other matters. Even if you are granted a Pardon, your record may continue to affect you.

After You Receive A Pardon
After receiving a Pardon, you may qualify for an expungement of your criminal record. An expungement clears your criminal record.
Refer to Title 22 O.S. § 18 to review the requirements for expungement of your record.
Please note: The Pardon and Parole Board is not involved in the expungement process and can provide no legal advice in the matter. You will need to seek independent legal advice on this matter.

If you are recommended for a Pardon by the Pardon and Parole Board, your file will then be sent to the Governor for consideration. The results of the Pardon docket will be available on the website ( by the Monday after the Board meeting. The Board’s recommendation must be approved by the Governor for a Pardon to be granted. You will be notified in writing of the decision of the Board and the Governor.

Information that must be sent in with your Pardon Application


  1. Certified Judgment & Sentence on each conviction you wish to have Pardoned (obtainable from the Court Clerk in the County of conviction; copies must bear the County Seal);
  2. Certified statement from the Court Clerk that all fines, fees, and court costs (including restitution and probation fees) have been paid in full (must bear the County Seal).
  3. Current credit report (;
  4. Proof of employment or income (if you are not employed state such in your application and give an explanation of the reasons) (if you receive any income send a copy of the latest statement showing the type of income and the amount, i.e. unemployment or SSI); and,
  5. Proof of residence (current receipt for rent or mortgage payments; if you make no payments state such in your application and give an explanation of the reasons).
  6. At least three (3) character affidavits must accompany the application.  If you submit more than three (3), you should designate the three (3) persons whom you consider to be primary references.  The affidavit forms provided are preferred.  However, letters of recommendation may be substituted if they contain the full name, address, and telephone number of the reference, indicate a knowledge of the offense(s) for which you are seeking a Pardon, and bear a notarized signature.  Persons related to you by blood or marriage may be used as character references but not primary character references.
Last Review and Update: Mar 21, 2013

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