Protect Yourself from Debt Collection Scammers

Authored By: Consumer Finance Protection Bureau

How to tell the difference between a legitimate debt collector and scammers

Dealing with debt collection issues can be challenging—especially when you’re not sure if the person you’re being contacted by is legitimate or trying to scam you.

When an account like a credit card, auto loan, or cell phone bill becomes past due, the original creditor may attempt to collect the amount owed. The creditor may also hire a debt collector or sell the debt to someone who may try to collect the debt. While there are many legitimate debt collectors in the financial marketplace, there are also scammers who may try to get you to pay on debts that you don’t owe or on debts that don’t even exist.

Here's an article and video from the Consumer Protection Finance Bureau you need to read/watch!

Warning signs of debt collection scams

Last Review and Update: Nov 20, 2019
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