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As of November 1, 2008, an Oklahoma law (found at 22 O.S. § 60.22) changes the way a protective order that was issued in another state, is recorded and recognized in Oklahoma.  The law is called the Uniform Interstate Enforcement of Domestic Violence Protection Orders Act.

If you were a victim of domestic violence in another state, went to court and a judge entered a protection order for you and/or your children, it is effective in Oklahoma.  The police and judges will enforce that order against the abuser.  Oklahoma protective orders usually do not address custody or visitation problems, but if the other state order affects custody and visitation, the order will be honored if the order was issued properly.


A Foreign Protection Order can be registered in these ways:

  • Send a certified copy of the order to the Secretary of State.  The certified copy must have an affidavit attached from person protected.  The affidavit must state that, to the best of the person’s knowledge, the order is currently in effect.
  • Give a certified copy of the order to a law enforcement office and ask that the order be registered with the Secretary of State.

When the Secretary of State receives a certified order and affidavit for filing, and registers the order, a certified copy of the registered order will be given to the person protected by the order.

There is no fee to register a Foreign Protection Order.

The information will be entered into the on-line registration system through the OKVINE Protective Order System.  (You still need to send or take the Order to the Oklahoma Secretary of State.

You can register your Foreign Protection Order online with OKVine at

  • Go to
  • Click on the state of Oklahoma on the map
  • Then click on the top tab “Search and Register”
  • Click Continue (because you are going to the Oklahoma VINE site)
  • Fill out the form
  • A TTY number is available. Call 1-866-847-1298


Secretary of State – Public Services Division

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2300 N. Lincoln Boulevard, Ste. 101

Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4897


Physical Address:

Secretary of State

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Oklahoma City, OK 73105


Telephone Number for Public Services            (405) 521-4911

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