Revocation of Powers of Attorney

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I already signed a Power of Attorney. Can I change my mind?

When you sign a legal document granting a Power of Attorney to someone for a specific time or purpose, you may change your mind.  You can revoke or undo that decision but certain conditions and rules apply.

  • You must not be incapacitated when you change your mind and sign the document revoking or undoing your original assignment of the Powers of Attorney to another person.
  • You must either sign a document revoking the previously signed Power of Attorney OR you must intentionally destroy the original document.  

How do you Revoke a Power of Attorney once granted?

The best way to be sure your wishes are carried out is to sign a document revoking the Powers of Attorney AND to send written notice to the person to whom you granted the Power of Attorney.

The attached PDF has instructions, a checklist and a form you can use.

I filed the Power of Attorney with the County Clerk. Do I have to file the Revocation?

YES! If you filed the document or a copy of the document assigning Powers of Attorney to another person or entity with a County or Court Clerk, you must also file the document REVOKING the Powers with that same County or Court Clerk's Office.

The Oklahoma Statutes that govern Powers of Attorney are found in Title 58, Section 1071 through 1077. Case law may also impact your situation. You should talk to a lawyer about your specific situation before signing a Power of Attorney or Revoking a Power of Attorney.


Last Review and Update: Sep 08, 2017

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