SNAP Benefits Decrease In November 2013

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The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says that for an average family of four, SNAP benefits will be reduced by $36 a month on November 1, 2013

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Image: snap beneift reduction by family size
Households of 1 - $11 reduction

Households of 2 - $20 reduction

Households of 3 - $29 reduction

Households of 4 - $36 reduction



Here's a link to the Quick Guide to SNAP Eligibility & Benefits

Who's eligible?
Federal Rules say that household income and other resources must be below certain limits

What counts as income?
Cash from all sources like your job, other public benefits, unemployment, and child support.

What counts as an asset?
Amounts that could be available for food, like bank acounts. Personal property and retirement savings do not count.  Most cars do not count, unless they have a high value, but each state gets to make rules about asset limits.

Who is NOT eligible?
Some categories of people are not eligible.  People on strike, undocumented immigrants, and some legal immigrants. Some categories of people are eligible for limited benefits every 3 years, although the states can changed that in times of high unemployment.

Amount of benefit
The SNAP program expects families to spend about 30% of their net income on food.  Families with no income get the maximum benefit based on a Department of Agriculture Food Plan intended to provide adequate nutrition at a minimal cost.
For all other households, the SNAP benefit equals the number of people in the household minus the amount the household is expected to contribute to food each month.  You can find examples at the link above.

OKDHS Food & Nutrition Programs

Learn more about the Oklahoma program and how you can find your local office at this link on the OKDHS website:

Last Review and Update: Nov 01, 2013

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