Tribal Codes now available online

Authored By: Oklahoma Indian Legal Services


Oklahoma Indian Legal Services
Oklahoma Indian Legal Services has posted Tribal Codes from most of the 39 federally recognized Tribes in Oklahoma. 

The info is aggregated on OKLaw.org in the Tribal Law section https://oklaw.org/issues/tribal-law

Each federally recognized Tribe has its own page with Court and contact information, tribal code, as available, and in some cases, self-help court forms.

Information and contacts for each Tribe is readily available.

BIA notice information coming soon!


Who should use these pages?

Attorneys:  Practicing in Tribal Court? Review the CODE for proper statutory citations!

Self-Represented Litigants can also find Tribal Codes and in some courts, self-help court forms.


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Last Review and Update: Nov 28, 2017

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