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Wage Claim Form (Oklahoma)

Authored By: Oklahoma Department of Labor


The Oklahoma Department of Labor (ODOL) serves as an advocate for Oklahoma's workforce.
If your Oklahoma employer owes you wages, you may be able to make a claim through the Oklahoma Department of Labor
ODOL labor compliance officers investigate the validity of wage claims and, if warranted, will issue orders demanding payment on behalf of employees.

Instructions for filing a Wage Claim Form

In order to receive the full benefits due you under Oklahoma Law, you must have already asked your employer for the wages you believe are due you BEFORE completing and filing this form with the Oklahoma Department of Labor!


  • Completeness
    The form must be filled in completely. 
    Be thorough when explaining your claim including all dates related to your claim.
  • Signed and Notarized
    This form must be signed and notarized or it will be returned to you.
    This may cause a delay in processing your claim. 
    You can take your claim form to a notary and sign it. 
    You can take your claim for to either the Tulsa or Oklahoma City office of the Oklahoma Department of Labor.  
    Wait to sign it in front of the notary at the ODOL. 
    The form will not be accepted through the mail if it is not notarized.

  • Employers Address
    Your employer will be notified via U.S. mail of your complaint within ten (10) working days of the date your claim is received by ODOL. The ODOL must have a valid mailing address for the business you are filing your claim against.

  • Documents
    Attach any paperwork, time sheets, company policy, pay stubs,  or anything else that will support your wage claim.

  • Additional information
    If there is more information you need to explain, please use the space at the bottom of the form or attach and additional sheet of paper to the wage claim form.

  • Your contact information
    You must include the name and telephone of another person through whom you can ALWAYS be reached in case the ODOL investigator needs more information from you.

  • Sworn statement
    Remember you are making a truthful statement, just as if you were testifying in court.  This is what you are agreeing to:
    I HEREBY CERTIFY, that this is a true statement of wages due to me to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that falsification of any information required by this form is a felony and can result in criminal prosecution.

  • Collection
    Acceptance of this claim by the Oklahoma Department of Labor does not guarantee collection.


For more information about Oklahoma wage laws, access the ODOL website at

Wage Claim Form (Oklahoma)

Last Review and Update: Mar 20, 2020
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