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Revocation of Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney can be revoked after you have signed a document. There are certain rules you must follow. This resource contains information, a checklist and instructions about revoking a power of attorney

Stop or Lower a Garnishment

Are your wages or bank accounts are being garnished? You can use this online program to create the forms you need to ask the court for an exemption from the garnishment.

Tenant Demand Letters

Letters renters may use to make requests from their landlords.

What is LiveHelp?

Learn about OKLaw's LiveHelp, online chat to help you find legal information, referrals to legal aid and low or no-cost legal help or self-help materials.

When A Joint Tenant Dies

If you own a house or land with another person as joint tenants and that person dies, you can place the home or land in your name without going through probate. You do not need a lawyer to do this. You will have to file some papers with the County Clerk.

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