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Service of Process (Get In the Circle)

A brief video to explain service of process for a court case.

Disability Benefits

Description of Disability Benefits, SSI, SSDI and explanatory videos.

Employee Rights in Oklahoma

An overview of basic wage and payment facts in Oklahoma and City of Tulsa-specific information

Top Ten Tips for Landlord & Tenant Relationships

Video explaining 10 things to do, watch for and document to avoid problems!

The who, what, when, where and how of state courts

Learn about State courts and their role in protecting our freedoms.

Preparing for Disasters

When disaster strikes, you want to be sure you're prepared. This video has tips for safeguarding important documents in preparation for an emergency.

Dealing with Debt Collectors (video)

If you are behind in paying your bills, you can expect to hear from a debt collector.

Hospital Medical Debt - Financial Assistance Policies at Non-Profit Hospitals

If you have medical debt from a hospital emergency room visit or stay, the hospital may have a Financial Assistance Program that can help you. The IRS now requires all "non-profit" hospitals to comply with a new regulation requiring a Financial Assistance Program.

Military Status Verification

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act affords certain protections to people in active military duty, called up for military duty, or recently retired. The SCRA requires that a military status verification be conducted in certain situations to ensure that these protected individuals’ rights are being protected and allows the men and women serving their country in military service to do so without worries of default judgments, evictions, foreclosures, and some other actions.

Voicemail from an IRS imposter?

Don’t panic. And don’t return the call. It’s a scam. It's another voicemail from someone claiming to be from the IRS.

Payday Loan Debt Traps Explained

When cash is tight, some people turn to payday and similar loans to make ends meet. For some people payday loans become debt traps and our new rule aims to end the cycle of debt.

Escaping Student Loan Default

This video offers practical steps for getting out of default on your student loans. Learn more at

Your Rights Under the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

This video describes your rights under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. These are federal laws, so they are true for every state. Watch this video to learn about FMLA laws when: you or your spouse is pregnant or adopting a child you or someone in your immediate family has an illness someone in your immediate family was injured in active duty

Your Child's Rights Under the IDEA

This video describes your child's rights under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. These are federal laws, so the information is true for every state.

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